Hiding Places

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel from my (then) home in North Carolina to a small, but revolutionary school in Worcester, MA. I spent a week observing teachers that are true masters of the art of teaching. One particular class especially intrigued me. The room was full of 7th graders. Their previous evening’s homework for the gentleman teaching language arts was to make a list of the places “where poetry hides.” I quickly jotted his question down and have revisited the concept many times in the time since. Today, instead of a singular poem, I thought I would share with you where I saw poetry in my own day. (Yes, all of these places were “found” just today!) **Challenge: Share with me in the comments where poetry hides in your life!**



Where does poetry hide?

On the shelves at Total Wine

In the oddly familiar soreness of over-exerted muscles

In a good friend’s Facebook status

In the morning sunlight pushing through closed blinds

In the salty sea breeze on a warm April afternoon

In the dark green convertible as,top down, it flirts with spring

In the uniqueness of a hand-crafted glass princess dress

In the edible glitter atop a fresh batch of cupcakes

In the joyous exuberance of a hyper-friendly beagle

In the mash-up of train whistles, jet engines, and emergency sirens in our neighborhood

In the laughter of a child

In the messed up dreams of a drug-induced sleep

In the gentle kiss of an old married couple

In the music mix on an iPod

In the spaces between moments

In a TEDTalk by an interesting performance poet

In the trolling madness of the sound of an ice cream truck

In the taste of a white chocolate mocha frappuccino

Where does poetry hide from you?


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