A Capella Jam

From its first season, I’ve been a huge fan of The Sing Off. Last season was really incredible with some mind-blowing performances by some incredibly talented vocalists. As I listened to some of their performances this morning, mixed with other a capella groups, I was inspired to compose this poem as an attempt to capture the essence of what these brilliant groups do. Listen to one of the videos I’m including as you read this offering for day 8…


Straight No Chaser


Listen as

Staccato rhythmic harmonies

Underscore legato melody;

Rehearsed chorus

Synchopates through minor transition

Resolving to major crescendo.

Echoing screaming solo

Reverberates through the studio,

Igniting excitement

With the rich layers of

Bass and beatbox.

Clear careful arrangement,

Unexpected mashup attacks the pulse,

Balancing sound and silence

With dynamic full voices,

And carefully placed pause.





2 thoughts on “A Capella Jam

    • I agree, Beth! I had difficulty limiting myself on what videos to post. These groups amaze me with both their technical skills and their creativity in the arrangements!

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