Disconnected Connections

I spent the majority of yesterday (8 hours or so) on the highway driving. Today has been a day of physical rest while a friend of mine has done some much needed work on my poor over-driven van. My creativity today has come in small, disconnected bursts that are only connected by the thread of form. Here are some randomly themed haiku from today’s musings:


People of Wal-Mart

aren’t dressed to be seen outside

their own bedroom walls.


Bumper to bumper

five o’clock Friday traffic

gives me a headache.


A mood disorder

is not hard to understand

if you keep guessing.


Drive belt replacement

is an expensive repair

for over-used vans.


Girl friends are a gift

that can only be opened

with a loving heart.


The familiar smell

of my childhood was captured

in vapor rub tissue.


Fat tabby cat in

North Carolina red clay,

perfect camouflage.


Clean, country living

made perfect by the lack of

strong cell phone signal.


Marry who you want

but love that person with all

the love in your heart.


Great meals are prepared

in someone else’s kitchen

and cleaned up there, too.


One thought on “Disconnected Connections

  1. I enjoyed reading the vignettes of your travels, especially because just yesterday we drove over 400 miles, and I was exhausted. But unpacking, laundry, and tomorrow real groceries all await. I hope you are now refreshed at home! Your poems are like mental photographs that savor the moment.

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