Hold that Dream

I am always interested in exploring poetry forms that I’ve not attempted before, so the challenge of a Diatelle seemed perfect today. I read through several prompts early in the day and then let things just simmer for awhile before sitting down and writing this piece. I ended up using the prompt for day 4 from NaPoWriMo


That dream.

It may seem

Like you are just

About to break and scream.

Self-respect replaces disgust.

So follow your heart and learn to adjust.

Be courageous enough to question. Be bold

In your vision and soon you’ll learn to trust

The voice that tells you that you must

Do your thing. Build up steam

So you can bust

Through the seam

And dream




5 thoughts on “Hold that Dream

      • Very much so. Not sure if you saw my first day’s post “Gone, Once More, Us” – it’s in Joseph’s Star and one I’ll definitely do again, and you might like it, too. It allows creating as many stanzas in the form as you wish. Will check in to your blog again. 🙂 Keep the ink flowing!

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