Critical Mass

She did it again! My selected prompt for today came from the same source as yesterday – I was intrigued by the Constanza form and the invitation to write a poem that was a rant. Heaven knows there’s been enough in my life to rant about over the years. This particular outburst was very cleansing to put on paper! Hope you like it – 


Critical Mass

Chastise me if you really must.

You condescending, crazy creep.

Contempt consumes me and I weep.


Be cold and callous, I’ll adjust.

Enough of your controlling crap.

You conned me with your crafty trap.


Show your carelessness and disgust.

I can be cold-hearted like you.

I won’t be condescended to.


Combative, conceited, unjust.

So cowardly you cramped my style

I was conflicted for a while.


Compulsive cheating broke my trust.

Confronted now you crawl away.

Cross my heart, I hope yours decays.



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