The Blitz

Using the prompt found here:, I have completed my first blitz poem. I think I’ll call it Brutalized Soul.


Brutalized and bruised

Brutalized and broken

Broken body

Broken dreams

Dreams of stardom

Dreams become nightmares

Nightmares about monsters

Nightmares that never end

End of the road

End of time

Time to quit

Time to start over

Over my head

Over the bridge

Bridge the gap

Bridge of birds

Birds of paradise

Birds of prey

Prey on women

Prey on the weak

Weak minded

Weak in spirit

Spirit of God

Spirit of the dead

Dead zone

Dead head

Head hunter

Head of the class

Class war

Class picture

Picture of health

Picture this

This is the beginning

This is the end

End zone

End of the world

World of Warcraft

World domination

Domination and power

Domination and submission

Submission of a manuscript

Submission to the master

Master of the Universe

Master of my heart

Heart and soul

Heart of glass




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