One Day at a Time, One Step at a Time, One Habit at a Time

For the past couple of weeks, the scale has not been cooperating in a way that reflects what I’ve been doing. At least I didn’t feel like it was. Then my husband caught me as I stepped off the scales with THAT look on my face and he said, “You do realize it’s about more than that.” He was right (and now I’ve put it in writing!)

This journey is about far more than just the numbers on the scale. It’s about creating healthy habits to replace unhealthy ones. It’s about taking responsibility for my actions, for being accountable to me first. It’s about the right food in the right portions at the right times for the right reasons. It’s about getting my butt off the couch and moving. And I’m doing the best I can at all of these.

Positive Changes

I have replaced my old pop-tart breakfast with yogurt, oatmeal, or boiled eggs.

I have reduced my intake of diet soda by about half of my old volume (2-3 cans a day instead of 6).

I have eliminated MOST junk food from my diet. I do indulge once every two weeks (a habit while driving long distances that I will be working on later).

I have increased my consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I have cut WAY back on dining out.

I am continuing the C25K training program at my own pace.

Positive Results

This week I was able to get into a pair of pants that my mom gave me for my birthday back in June. At the time, I refused to return them for a larger size, knowing that I was auditioning for the Biggest Loser and if I wasn’t cast was going to get my weight down on my own.

The scales finally reacted in a more positive way! My total weight loss to date is 8 pounds. I’m 27 pounds away from my first short term goal.

I look forward to my walks/runs. I’ve found an app for my phone that works with my music selections to help me keep track of time and distance.

When I’m out on my walks/runs, I keep my head up and consciously take notice of my surroundings. I make eye contact with any people that cross my path and exchange a smile. I take in the beauty of the sky, the clouds, and the trees – whatever is there for me to see on any given day at my chosen location.

I’m continually seeking new places to take my walks/runs. I know I get bored easily, so I’ve been going to local beaches and parks to allow for changes of scenery at least once a week.

Is everything positive? Heck no! There are days that I struggle. I have that internal dialogue that tries to talk me out of my walks or talk me into another diet soda. But one day at a time, one step at a time, one habit at a time… I am on a journey to the me I was born to be.


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