A Chain of Creation

**We are less than a month away from the season 9 premiere of my favorite television series, So You Think You Can Dance. This is a good time for a look at the process of choreography and the poetry in motion that is dance…

Words are just the beginning.

A well-turned phrase

A superb metaphor or two

Strung together in rhythm

And sometimes rhyme

And a poem is born.

Poetry is just the beginning.

Lyrics overlay a catchy melody

Inventive harmonies and instrumentation

Composed with coordinating rhythm

Or sometimes syncopation

And a song is born.

A song is just the beginning

Music inspires athletic movement

Turns and lines strung together

Choreographed precisely

Or sometimes improvised

And a dance is born.


4 thoughts on “A Chain of Creation

    • I was a dancer at one point in my life. This show came along a few years too late for me, but I adore watching young talent being discovered and the work of these choreographers is second to none. They are the best in the business.Give it a chance…my guess is you’ll be hooked! Thanks for reading!

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