A Boy’s Mother

**This poem is dedicated to the memory of two moms lost in the past two days.

There is nothing more pure

Than a son’s love for his mother.

To him, she’s a woman

That is like no other.

She held him and fed him

And showered him with love.

In his mind there’s no doubt

She’s a gift from above.

God in His infinite

Wisdom has made

A woman whose love

Could never be swayed.

Through childhood skinned knees

And a teen’s broken heart,

She helped dry his tears,

Helped him make a fresh start.

She taught him the difference

Between right and wrong.

Through her example of gentleness

He learned to be strong.

She held on with grace

Until her very last breath,

And now this dear lady

Knows the secret of death.

She’ll still be there, though,

With her angel wings wide

Standing forever

By her dear son’s side.

She’ll hug him with breezes

And kiss him with rain.

He’ll thank God that finally

She’s no longer in pain.

He’ll walk proudly on

With his head held up high

And know he is still

The apple of her eye.


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