Love Letter to a Cello

(This poem came from the daily prompt offered at . For the past several days, I’ve been having a musical affair with the cello. This seemed like an appropriate tribute.)

Dear Cello,

Like wine made from the finest grapes,

You pour over me and I am drunk with your sound.

Your perfect fifths, your likeness to the human male voice

Strums my heart-strings until I am enslaved by your gentle power.

You tie me up in your strings and I am yours.

Master, Master, where’s the dream that I’ve been after?

I’m pulling your strings.

I wonder what Bach would think of what you’ve become?

Prelude to a 16th century Suite,

Yet you have crossed over into heavy metal darkness.

Oh beautiful darkness, my sweet cello!

Bind me to your soul and rock me to sleep again!


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