Seder Celebration 2012

Photo by David Lee FerrellTwas the night before Easter, when over at Terri’s house
Some friends were gathering with and without spouse.
The meal was prepared in the kitchen with care,
In hopes that Elijah soon would be there.

The children were seated along with the rest,
The sun had set and the Seder was blessed.
The men donned their yarmulkes, and then Myra began
To lead the service following a Master plan.

She read some in Hebrew and we followed along,
Reading right to left really felt wrong.
Each guest was called on to read a small part
In English (thank G-d) so we wouldn’t fall apart.

Matzah was served along with the wine
Following the leader, we dipped parsley in brine.
When, what to my listening ears did I hear,
But a crack from my son that referred to his rear.

The time finally came for the matzah ball soup,
It was very well made, a favorite of the group.
Compliments galore echoed through the halls,
And Myra announced, “I’ve got the best balls!”

The laughter that followed went on for a while
We all made our jokes and continued to smile.
Even my youngest caught on to it all
He laughingly said, “I have broth on my balls!”

My youngest continued; as I tried to distract
He had a crowd to perform for and didn’t react
To my prompts to behave like a well-bred young man,
My efforts may as well have been to the trash can.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal
We ate the food with glorious zeal.
When all had been fed and were feeling sated
Myra finished the service with more Hebrew translated.

My eldest son then tilted his kippah
To the side of his head and asked “Who am I?”
David then asked if we knew of the Jewish rapper,
MC He-Bro’s really got swagger!

The table was cleared and we all bade farewell,
We made promises to keep in touch, as well.
I felt in my heart as I drove out of sight,
“Happy Passover to all, and to all a good-night!”

Photo by Myra Savransky


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