I’m the type of person who likes to use every crayon in the box. I don’t believe in leaving anyone out. For today’s inspiration, I reached for my box of Sharpie markers and just played with them on a page in my art journal.

As I slipped into my coloring “zen”, I likened my choice of medium to my students. I really do want to include them all. It seems, though, that there’s always a student who is the “white crayon”… you know, the one that won’t show up even if you try to color with it?

Sharpie on a page in my art journal

The choice of making two different SharPIs stems from my desire to use multiple approaches to instruction. If working on the problem on paper doesn’t get through, then I’ll get on floor and use a more visual, more concrete approach.

Every SharPI in the box

I could make a host of other analogies to my classroom experiences and this day’s project, but I have papers to grade. Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “SharPI

  1. I like your pi project, it also makes sense, you’ve given it some thought and the whole left brain, right brain thing is pretty cool. Love the Sharpie on a page. I have accepted the 365 challenge as well and am directing my focus to a heart a day. Peace and I’ll check in with you again soon.

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