The Pi is in the Oven

Confession:  I have a clutter problem. No, I’m not someone you’ll see on the next season of “Hoarders”, but I do tend to leave things out on tables and countertops instead of putting them away. I think this is my form of rebellion against being raised by a neat-freak OCD Super Mom. That being said, I know that my 366 project will need to incorporate as many consumable designs as possible.


Ready to bake the pi...

As I contemplated my project for today, I had the thought that a pi is only as good as its crust. That combined with my need for consumable projects led to the birth of this idea. I modified an old recipe I’d made years ago to accommodate my purpose by just changing the original shape.


The pi is in the oven!




For those that may be interested in the recipe, it’s really simple. In a bowl, mix together 1 can of cream of broccoli soup, 1 can of cream of mushroom (or chicken) soup, and 1 can of chicken breast. Roll out a sheet of crescent dough on a cookie sheet. Spoon the chicken and soup mixture onto the dough near one edge. Roll the dough until all the filling is covered and the edge of the dough is on the bottom. Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Cut into sections and serve.


A piece of pi

The two best parts of today’s incarnation of my project – it was consumable and my boys loved it (as you can see)!


What does it taste like? Mom, it's good!


This is awesome, Mom!



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