A Journey of 366 Days or My Pi Dream

I have done it. I’ve accepted the challenge to create something every day and to approach those creations around a singular theme. I committed to this journey before determining the form that my creations would take. I did a little bit of brainstorming on one of my favorite websites (www.750words.com) and fell asleep after welcoming the New Year still uncertain of my subject. It’s not unusual for me to dream up creative ideas literally. I awoke this morning knowing what I would be doing.

The road ahead is full of infinite, and certainly transcendental, possibilities. There will be both serious and punny moments, though I suspect more of the latter. There will likely be some circular reasoning. and I suspect I will become rather irrational by year’s end. I will make every effort to avoid the obvious and the redundant, though that may not always be possible. I look forward to seeing where this unique journey shall take me.



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