The Great Pi Distraction

My dear followers,

I have been remiss in keeping up with my daily slices of pi, as I am certain you’ve noticed by now. There is more pi to come, I promise! I did have to divert some attention to the end of one semester and the start of another at work, but I have some fun pi posts coming soon!

Don’t give up on me…. I’ll be dishing out more pi very soon!


Pi in Watercolors

I confess. I am now addicted to art journaling. I love playing with all sorts of materials with no rules and no one to care what my art looks like but me.

Since I had my art supplies out tonight anyway, I decided it was time to experiment with pi in watercolors. I may actually paint pi sometime, but I liked making pi from the tubes for now. I also wanted to capture the creation this time with some of the clutter on my workspace (kitchen table).


Peace of Pi

As a teacher, I have a rather large stash of stickers. I have found that even high school students like to get their work returned with stickers on it.

Today I was already playing in my art journal when I thought of using my hippie throwback stickers for today’s 365 project.

Have some peace!


On a roll… or How to make sushi pi



Tonight was really a fun night! We made our own sushi. I have only been enjoying sushi for a couple of years and certainly never thought I’d be making my own. We had the choice of salmon, tuna, or steak, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, scallions, carrots, and cream cheese. My sweetheart had made sushi before, but encouraged me to find a video on youtube on how to make it. After just a short tutorial, I was ready to give it a try.


As you can see from the photo above, we all wore rubber gloves for sanitary reasons and to keep the rice from sticking to our hands. 


Ready to roll!


We opted to press the rice on the seaweed and flip it over, thus leaving the rice on the outside of the roll. From there, it was a matter of picking a few ingredients, placing them and rolling them up. 


My Sushi Pi


I made two rolls – one with tuna, scallions, cucumber and cream cheese and one with salmon, sweet potato, and cream cheese. 


From Pi to a Unicorn?


This was one of the most delicious “pi”s I have ever had!