Summer Romance

**Inspired by the Adrienne Rich poem “Diving Into the Wreck”

Deep, dark tans require long hours
Of soaking up the sun while
Covered in thick layers of coconut oil.

Like bees to honey
The teenage boys are attracted to the scent.
A boy carrying a beer meets a girl carrying a camera and
A trashy novel in which his name appears.
And lust – or maybe even love – run rampant
On the sandy shores.

That’s how we met – you and I
On that steamy, sweaty Saturday in June.
And here we are today
On this chilly November Tuesday
A lifetime of beachfront memories
Windblown and weak
From the hurricanes of life.

We are, I am, You are
By cowardice and courage
The ones who find our way back to this scene
Carrying a knife, a camera, a book of myths
In which our names do not appear.


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