Goin’ Fishin’ – a country song dedicated to my girlfriends…

It’s been a long week but Friday’s finally here.
Time for me and my girls to go out for a beer.
We’re dressing up nice in our attractive best
‘Cause we know we gotta stand out from all the rest.

We’re goin’ fishin’
Oh yeah…

Karen said she’d drive, so I’m waiting by the door
My best dancing shoes are right there on the floor
She pulls in my driveway and I slip on my shoes
I jump into her car and we begin to cruise

We’re goin’ fishin’
Yeah, yeah

We stop by Robbie’s house and she’s lookin’ mighty fine
Michelle’s place is next and she, too, looks just divine.
We finally get to Jenn’s and she’s dressed to impress
We head off to the club where the guys’ll never guess

We’re just fishin’
Oh yeah…

Well the bait is set and we’ve cast our lines
The pool is deep and we watch for the signs
We can tell when we’ve got one by that special look
We bat our long lashes and set the hook

We’re enjoyin’ fishin’
Yeah, yeah
Just fishin’

We reel them in one man at a time
They’ve been doing this for years so it’s really no crime
For us to turn the tables and be on the attack
And if they’re too small we’ll just toss ‘em back

We’ve had fun fishin’
Yeah yeah
It was girls night for fishin’


2 thoughts on “Goin’ Fishin’ – a country song dedicated to my girlfriends…

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