Suiting Up

What does a woman’s choice of swimsuit say about her? After a day at a local pool, I am convinced of one simple fact. Swimsuit choice is a direct reflection of a woman’s confidence or lack thereof. The range of body types sporting all imaginable styles proved to me that the choice of suit has absolutely nothing to do with how the individual looks in said swimwear (in nearly every case).

Let’s face it. It takes a supreme amount of self-confidence for a woman of any age at all to don a two-piece bathing suit. From the palest white to the darkest tan, bikinis were on them all. One younger woman appeared to be nothing more than a skin-covered skeleton and was wearing a tiny suit. She was extraordinarily tall, too. One would think that such a body would look amazing in a bikini. I didn’t think so. Her extra height was carried mostly between the top and bottom of the suit, making the gap between the little pieces of fabric just too much. Equally disturbing to me (perhaps even more so) was the woman nearer my own age, mother of at least two children (I heard them call her mom), who didn’t seem to be bothered by the belly roll that drooped over the elastic waist of the bottoms. She proudly wore her “tramp stamp” tattoo on her lower back and her belly button was pierced. Confidence, right?

Identifying those with more body image issues is a cinch. Just look for the women swimming in skirts. Yes – the skirted suit – designed to fool a woman into thinking she can hide her issues with a skirt. Come on – let’s be real here. There is NO swimsuit that can really “hide” anything. I can speak of these skirted suits and the related issues with great authority because today, this was my suit of choice. What I found fascinating was the skirted suit wasn’t limited to the overweight middle-aged moms like myself. I saw one woman with what I would consider a flawless figure wearing one of these pathetic attempts at camouflage. She would have looked fabulous in a bikini, but for some unknown reason, she felt the need to hide behind the illusion of a swimskirt.

What I found most confusing, though, was the skirted bikini. A tiny little top, cleavage and belly fully exposed, then this farce of a skirt bottom to cover up what? If anything, the contrast of the tiny top and the skirted bottom only managed to make the poor ladies’ bottoms look big, which I am fairly certain is NOT the look they were going for at all.

Thin, tall, short, plump, pale, tan, old or young – none of these seem to be factors in how a woman chooses a swimsuit. The actual appearance of the suit is irrelevant, as well. Everything comes down to what the individual woman sees when she looks in the mirror. Does she see a self-confident, sexy woman who can boldly pull off the exposed flesh of a bikini? Or does she see the belly, the cellulite, the stretch marks, the flaws and want to hide them under a swimskirt (and underwater as much as possible)? In the end, it doesn’t really matter what type of suit a woman chooses. What matters is that she is comfortable with her choice. Personally, I’ll stick to the skirt for now.


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