Belief Haiku series

I can’t believe that
I never allowed myself
To feel special again.

I believe he robbed
Me of my childhood wishes,
My dreams of dancing.

I can’t believe that
It took me this long to learn
To feel special again.

I believe my dreams
Are stronger than his abuse.
I’m a survivor.

I can’t believe that
Dancing is the only way
To live out my dreams.

I believe that I
Have the gift of creation.
My new dream starts now.


2 thoughts on “Belief Haiku series

  1. Amy,

    I have never been a strong writer, especially when it comes to poetry. Haiku in particular was always difficult for me. That said, I still know good work when I see it. Excellent message and excellent form. Keep it up!


  2. You are a great poet, truly. I hope things get better, your a great person and friend. Your writing sends a message and hits home. Please continue and know that you have fans out there who wish you well.

    It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection.
    -Oscar Wilde

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