Belief Haiku series

I can’t believe that
I never allowed myself
To feel special again.

I believe he robbed
Me of my childhood wishes,
My dreams of dancing.

I can’t believe that
It took me this long to learn
To feel special again.

I believe my dreams
Are stronger than his abuse.
I’m a survivor.

I can’t believe that
Dancing is the only way
To live out my dreams.

I believe that I
Have the gift of creation.
My new dream starts now.


Earthworm Sonnet

Among the lowly creatures we can see

The introverted earthworms hide

Until a heavy rainstorm sets them free

And makes them for a time come be outside

Unlike their cousin snake they slither not

But glide instead along the wet driveway

Moving quickly to a brand new dirt plot

Not quick enough some soon are bird buffet

Survivors still are gliding toward the goal

A place where their new home they now can dig

Creating for themselves a home sweet hole

Until the boy comes by with fishing rig

The fishing trip with dad just couldn’t wait

The boy was happy to have found live bait.