M is for Musette (and Masks)

Sometimes I write the poem and sometimes the poem chooses me to write it. What I mean by that is that sometimes I can choose a form, find a topic, and make it work. Other times, there’s a topic on my mind that is just looking for the right form to express itself. The latter was the case today. I wanted to write a Mirror Sestet, but this poem wouldn’t allow me to force it. It wanted to be a Musette instead. I still want to push myself to write a mirror sestet, but that will have to be for another day. 

Image by Karen Arnold

Image by Karen Arnold

True Beauty


Is just a mask.

Wake up!


Is more than your


Your heart

Is the true work

Of art.

L is for Line Messaging (and Lunar)

When I found the poetic form Line Messaging, I was really excited about the idea of having a poem embedded within a poem. For an added challenge, my embedded poem (found by extracting the last line of each stanza) is a haiku. Since the A-to-Z challenge is on the letter L today, it seemed only proper to honor tonight’s blood moon with my poem.

By Peter Gaylard from Australia (Blood Moon 28th Aug 2007) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By Peter Gaylard from Australia (Blood Moon 28th Aug 2007) via Wikimedia Commons



The first in a tetrad

Coinciding with Passover

Earth and moon align


Centered between

The sun and the moon

The Earth casting its shadow


A cold front moving eastward

Dark grey clouds blanket the sky

Leaves us seeing red


Recently, I’ve been hibernating, quite content to stay inside and write or paint in my studio. However, spring is upon us and today my husband decided we both needed to get out of the house and absorb some natural vitamin D. We headed a very short drive away to the  Norfolk Botanical GardenHad I know what he was planning, I would have taken my camera. As it was, I had my phone which you likely now is nearly impossible to see in bright sunlight. I only took one photo and I’m using it as inspiration for today’s poem.

Hamilton Fringed Tulip

Hamilton Fringed Tulip


O vibrant yellow mutant

With your fancy fringed petals

The color of sunshine;

A seasonal extrovert,

You are Spring’s ambassador.

K is for Kyrielle (and Kiss)

The kyrielle is one of my favorite poetic forms. Today’s poem was inspired by the prompt over at Poets on the Page and is dedicated to my amazing husband Patrick. 

Patrick and Me - Labor Day weekend 2011

Patrick and Me – Labor Day weekend 2011

His Kiss

O secret of his fevered kiss

You shower me in perfect bliss

Please, I beg you from the start

Devour not this fragile heart

Magic of his lingering lips

Forever others will eclipse

But do not from my love depart

Devour not this fragile heart

Crush me ‘neath thy dancing tongue

And make me feel that I’m still young

Help me live with his rank fart

Devour not this fragile heart

J is for Joseph’s Star (and Jazz)

Today’s poem takes the form of a Joseph’s Star. You may wish to listen to the music in the video below as you read the poem.




Composed of

Layers of rhythm

Blowing, strumming, and singing

Each player supporting the

Others in the band

With unique




Give it kick

Setting the pattern

Gluing it all together

With toe-tapping pulsations

Slow and smooth or racing fast

In the driver’s seat

Keeping the




Sounding notes

But, oh, so much more

Hands dance upon black and white

Playing within the structure

Of chord progression






Or trumpet playing

Improvisational riffs

Jumping and sliding around

Within the framework

Each in turn





Instrument playing

Inventing words to replace

The notes that the others play

Syllabic nonsense

The lady




Composed of

Layers of rhythm

Blowing, strumming, and singing

Each player supporting the

Others in the band

With unique



I is for Inverted Refrain (and Instability)

It’s been a particularly difficult day, reflected in my inverted refrain

Image by George Hodan

Image by George Hodan



Diagnosed bipolar is a curse

Also, a blessing in disguise

It’s often hard to tell what’s worse

Is it the laughter or the cries?

The mixture of lows with the highs

Atop the world or the reverse


Source of my instability

Day to day living with doubt

About dependability

When in an emotional drought

Often wanting to just block out

And live with immobility


Days that are overly manic

As productive as they can be

Reminders that this is organic

This is merely a part of me

Understanding that sets me free

From all-too-familiar panic


Choosing to live in gratitude

Accepting the good and the bad

Giving myself some latitude

For the days that I’m feeling sad

Make it easier to be glad

And present a good attitude

H is for HexSonnetta and HELP

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, GET HELP NOW. Go to The National Domestic Violence website or call 1-800-799-7233. 


Today’s poetry form is a HexSonnetta.


Reach out your hand, my friend,

Just put your hand in mine

And take this as a sign.

Your broken heart will mend

The pain you will transcend.

Everything will be fine.

There’s no more need to fight.

Give yourself time to heal.

You are stronger than steel.

Know you’re doing what’s right.

Believe with all your might.

Trust the feelings you feel.

Too many times, he lied.

If you’d stayed, you’d have died.